Chinese Pavilion was the first “feel good” Chinese Restaurant in Jumeirah in 1993. It’s ageless and classic décor, friendly and warm service team always made the diner instantly comfortable, and that’s no mean effort for over 20 years. The food evolved into a style as distinct and unique as the city of Dubai, honest, simple with clean flavors. Fresh ingredients, fresh prepared each time every time.The local Emarati and expat community has always whole heartedly patronized the fine Casual diner and fully deserve our standing applause for their unstinting patronage.

Fortunately the luxurious free parking next to the Beach Center has remained the one comfort the city never took away. Instant access made dining and seeing of family and friends after a great meal, a memorable experience. Many would recall fond memories of such ‘great family time’ while growing in Dubai.

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Best Seller | Golden Fried Prawns


Though the service team has changed over the years but me and my family have always been welcome and made to feel special each time.
Mahammad Zarooni
Always brings back fond memories of childhood & great Chinese food in Dubai.
Kavya Lalwani
Great service each time and every time. The “chicken dry chilli... ” eternally yummy.
Sara Najum


Pavilion Catering


The Chinese Pavilion
Beach Centre, Jumeirah Road
04 3444432

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